Rock n’ Roll

Rock n’ Roll

The distress we experience in response to loss leaves us without a ground to stand on, in a completely different place. Far from the place we were used to.

Is that a good thing or a bad thing?

Whatever the nature or scale of our sudden change is, we are left out of game. The game we were used to play, happily or not.

First thing that happens is that we need to talk about it and express our feelings.

If we are lucky our friends will drop things like:

Be creative. Move fast. Think outside de box.

If we are not, besides our emotional storm we’ll have to bear the wise words of a friend telling us that

He/She knew things were not going all right.

Both are useless.

When a crisis hits us we have feelings in all directions. We don’t know where to head. We don’t know what we want. We feel weak. We feel sad. We feel stupid.

We start considering all those things we could have done to avoid it.

But the truth is that crisis is there for a reason.

Nobody I’ve known so far ever welcomed a crisis but it is not the kind of guest that knocks before opening. And if it’s already in and won’t leave let’s accept it. Breathe and accept to find our way out. This means understanding and learning about our power limits. Breath because we cannot control everything and things will not always go as we feel is best. Once we are ready to accept the situation is unchangeable we can breathe again.

Breathe and reconnect with our values and strengths. This simple step is already an opportunity to develop our mindfulness skills. Being aware of who we are or what we have always helps to know what we can do or how we can respond.

Breathe and let go. If we don’t say goodbye to the reasons, the unknown reasons, the people, the circumstances and any detail related to how crisis’s managed to get into our life we can’t make room for stimulating new experiences. Me must let go our thoughts. Things will never be the same and that’s sad, even if we can only do better now.

Breathe and open our minds. Infinite possibilities are there for us to explore if we ignore the ego’s tears. For our ego will cry whenever reality does not conform to our expectations because our identity is questioned. Opening our minds is about a spiritual journey from a secure place to an unknown one. We must breathe and roll with changes.

ReSTART by JJ Richards


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Educated to live in another world

Some thoughts about the lifestyle of the past and the lifestyle of the present and the future:

I have been brought up to live in a world of stability: choosing a career for life, have a stable job, buy a house, have a family and a partner for life. I must choose what to do with my life soon and keep that decision for life, without changing it.
Today life is very different. Nowadays the only stable are the changes. Changes happen constantly in our environment.
I live between two worlds: the world of stability for which I have been educated and this world full of changes.

Now I don’t have to make a choice for life. In this new environment I can change my life and RESTART when I want it. This is an advantage of this changing world: restart

There are two options: hold on to the past world of stability, but that no longer exist or live and
adapt to this new world of change.

I choose to live in this present world and restart my life to improve anytime when I need it.

Carmen Corral

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May you live in interesting times

May you live in interesting times.

My name is David and I am a Business Administration student recently returned from China. More importantly, I am part of a generation on the brink of escaping or becoming completely pessimistic about their country. This is clearly a very scary position for such a vital and huge group of people to take. I ran away from Spain a year ago with no intention of coming back until things improved. But my mind was changed and I have returned with the firm intention of changing things.


TEDxCibeles would be a chance to share how my personal experience turned fear and cynicism into hope and unstoppable optimism regarding our future. I want to emphasize how the energy of a brave few became wildly contagious and made me reconsider the possibilities for growth in my home country. Our generation is being called upon by circumstance to face a momentous change in the society that has given us such wonderful privileges.

Initially my response to this challenge was to find the quickest way out of the country and never look back. Once abroad, in China, I had a comfortable life and a solid job offer to rely on for the future. Then I was forced to return to finish up my degree, although my mind was still set on leaving.

Most of my social circle was pessimistic and looking to exit the country. However, I found an amazing group of people that out of necessity or determination firmly believed in staying and fighting for our future. Listening to their stories filled me with courage and, what is more important, a powerful idea:

This is an interesting time and I am not running away from it.

We have formed an association called Start UC3M and, tied to similar organizations in almost every university in Madrid, we have the goal of inspiring students and giving them the tools to create their own opportunities without having to run away. The, allegedly Chinese, curse “May you live in interesting times” is to us a reminder of the opportunities and challenges ahead.

David Arnedo

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Our engine for the future: illusion

The main aim of this lecture is to explain the reasons that encourage me to rethink magic every day and discover the things that can be created with it. Illusion is the most important tool a magician has, but it is also the most powerful resource everybody has.

Nowadays our life has changed, the rules are different so they are no more the same ones and they will never be. But you must dream that everything you believe can be accomplished. The secrets are the three Ps: practice, practice and practice.

In this lecture illusion is shown as not just a concept, it is also real. The audience have true feelings due to magic. They will realise that everything is possible; the only frontier is our imagination. Also is revealed that a new beginning can be done if we believe enough on ourselves.

Jorge Luengo

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And a new world and a new you will have the opportunity to be born.

The 25th of January 2001 at 3 pm I received a phone call from my wife.

It was Thursday.

She was 9 months pregnant.
She told me to go home as soon as possible because she had broken waters.
We wanted to have the baby at home with the help of a woman that was specialist.

I called that woman. She didn’t answered.

I called again. Nothing.

We were both, my wife and I, there, at home, with no help and a baby wanting to live.

I decided to do my best and rely in Life.

The head appeared very easily.

Then I wanted to pull. But something told me to wait.

Actually, my wife told me to wait.

In the next contraction like a wet fish, the baby was safely born.

Our daughter came into being.

Now she is a nice and happy 12 years old girl, and she is the third of our five kids.

I think a new world is being born now.

We have the opportunity of being aware of it and be actors of this process.

This new world is bringing us the interconnection of all human beings.

But is also shaking many industries, traditional business, governments, organizations, and individuals.

We have two powerful tools to face this changes: imagination and courage.

Now that many things are falling, we may see it as an opportunity to dream anew our best imagined futures and desires.

And then with this inspirations in mind, we can dare, knowing than more than ever before, the call might be heard by thousands or millions.

So I invite you to be part of this new world, design your best dreams, follow your true vocations, and try it with confidence.

It is always better than being stuck or afraid.

And a new world and a new you will have the opportunity to be born.

Albert Ventura

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