All those things that depend on us

Four years after the beginning of this so-called “crisis” people are frustrated basically because neither government nor companies are giving solutions to their desperate situation. And that was what we did for a long time: just wait for being saved. But… ¿is there really nothing we can do about it? ¿Just stand patiently under the pouring rain? Some of us believe there’s much to say.

Nine months ago, a bunch of people met in an entrepreneur training course, and we realized that the best thing of attending that course was not the education itself –that was quite allright– but the fact of being networked. Day after day we used to have a chat in the coffee break about our needs, our plans and our projects. After a month we were collaborating actively in each other ideas. And even more, all of a sudden we had access to each other network, and that was really changing our baseline.

Those informal collaborations gave rise in some cases to professional relationships and even partnerships. In brief, we found what we needed in those people who were around, and the key was meeting up. So… ¿what if we make up a good excuse to meet up with more people?

And that was the kickoff of Albacete Innova Collective. Since then, every month, people around the collective get together in an event. We call it “La Caña de Albacete Innova”: first we introduce ourselves to the group, then we attend a short presentation about a practical issue given by an expert, and finally we have a drink and talk.

In this very moment, February 2012, we are about to celebrate the 7º Edition of “La Caña” and we are proud to say that Albacete Innova Collective counts 31 members, over 100 followers, and over 2.500 visits in our blog; more and more people who is willing to talk about opportunities and solutions instead of wallow in self-pity.

¿Do you know how much money do we need to manage all this? 0 €, just our spare time and good friends.

Solutions are between us… ¿do you dare to chase them?

By Angel Miranda @AMiranda1979


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