We are all common people but…

We are all common people but, if seen from the eyes of a child, each one of us is remarkable. Because we all have something we can teach them. Kids should spent more time among adults, learning and discovering new skills.

Every kid hides a talent. And it´s important that they try lots of different things so they can discover it. Otherwise they could grow up without knowing what they were born for.

Parents tend to organize their kid´s free time around other children (children parties, children playdates…). But kids should also spend time among adults so they learn new skills. Parents should ask friends, coworkers, neighbours if they can teach something to their kids.

I would like to share my ideas about this and to explain an initiative I´m starting in Spain to try solve this problem.

By Nuria Perez Paredes @SoyNuriaPerez


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  1. I want to hear more about this project. I find it new, fresh and promising. Definitely my favorite.


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