Web pages as the main facilitator to develop communities for confidence people

I wish to share with you my experience in the use of Internet and my evolution from a single spectator to a complete integrator, facilitator and probably entrepreneur.

I started reading a blog in 2004. Maybe the first was enriquedans.com but could have been anyone because in that time we all wanted to learn and to share experiencies with the becoming of 2.0.

I started writing a blog in 2005 with a partner that I have never met with him. We spoke by Internet (email, skype, etc.) and he invited me to write and speak about anything. He is Pablo Marín but in Internet he is apuf.com

Then I started writing a blog more than an amateur way in 2009 and I started to grow a community of parents worried about childhood: health, leisure, education, science, videogames, apps for tablet, travel, allergies, films for kids,…

The blog is pequesymas.com and is a blog for fathers with children of ages between 5 and 12 years old. The blog is created to share and to collect the experience of young parents and readers of bebesymas.com This blogs belong to Weblogs SL, the biggest community of blogs with million of readers in Spain and Latinoamerica.

As a writer of the blog I have had the opportunity to know a lot of very interesting people: writers, actors, travellers, magicians, teachers, entrepreneurs, parents, etc.

What is the next? I think Spain has to identify specific services focused in education, health, creativity, learning, … and specifically we can focus in the long tail that a community as pequesymas.com can create.

For example, and for each specific area, is time to identify the potential clients, what can we offer them, how can we create a community, etc. and only with the creation of a website as a facilitator.

How can we do it? It is time to identify people as musicians, writers, actors, teachers, parents, to set up a scenario to put them together, and to use the blogs to create community and to share experiences.

By Marcos Lopez Chavarri @chavarri


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