TecnoCreativity, the next generation

It all started in 2002. I had to make one of the most important desitions a person has to make in their life: pick a career. I was very confused at that time. I loved computers, coding, science… So one of my choices was Computer Science Engineer. In the other hand, I was very interested in understanding how the brain works, how people socializes, understand human behaviour… My second choice was psychology. And finally, I used to practice piano since I was a child and my passion for music led me toward my third choice: the piano career at the conservatory. I couldn’t made up my mind so I decided I will do everything but one by one, starting for the easiest: Computer Science Engineer 🙂


I started university with a very open mind. My philosophy was think outside the box and I never saw computers like something I had to learn but something I can apply to other fields. They weren’t an end but a journey. At that time I opened a blog to talked about innovation and everything a geek should know. That led me to collaborate with very important tech blogs, build a digital image around me and finally work in Campus Party, one of the biggest innovation events of the world. My job was to find talent in the Campus Party community. I started to apply my knowledge about technology and innovation to communities, social networks.


I finished my studies and found the perfect place: Social Noise. A very small social media company that was starting at that time and where my job was to participate in the creative process of every project and find out how to transform those ideas into real technological solutions based in innovation. Two years later, looking at my evolution and after having found other hybrid profiles like me, creative engineers or technological creatives, I came up with a term: TecnoCreativity. 


I started to talk about this concept, giving tips on how to find them or shape them in forums like Campus Party, The College of Everything, IAB and even TEDx. Right now I’m the founding partner and managing director of Digital Noise, a company built around the concept of TecnoCreativity, working with hybrid profiles and developing creative solutions come true in any kind of technical development.

By David Alayón @pisitoenmadrid


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