Unemployment, a stage in life that I recommend

I just want to share my experience of being almost year and a half  unemployed, analysing the before, during and after, telling the benefits that has this stage. Sharing the reasons why it was produced and about what each of one can do to minimize  for the future generations.

With this reasons I propose solutions focused in the elementary education, with the possibility of using the knowledge learnt in a MBA not just in business, but also in our personal life including the education of our children.


– Our work is studying or better to say to pass courses

– Making twelveth grade in USA discovering a new philosophy of life

– Making University choices by family influence

– Status Quo: we are so charmed

– Your first job, what a slap!!

– Our life is like navigating a river leaving to take us


– In a declining industry, specific knowledge will kill you

– Attitudes or Skills?

– The new family life, the power of the roots

– Networking, similar as doing the military service

– Change of business sector or of country?

– Education: Masters, MBA.

– A magic question: Where do you see yourself in five years?

– Discovering new worlds

– Separate Worlds: school, university and labor market

– Our two cents

– When all the signals converge

– The value of being unemployed


– An Entrepreneur Company, role model

– The value of working even if you lose money

– Implementation of the knowledge learnt in a MBA in the job

– My three cards

– Keeping umbilical cords

– Education:

– MBA and education

– Starting with my daughter

– What everyone can do?

– Common Sense

– Unseen heroes

Juan Jiménez Rocabert @rocabert


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