… and the winner is?

Dear friends, fans, followers and public.

Today we would like to announce which one of all submissions received will be presented at our next TEDxPlazaCibeles 2012.

We got some submission from different geographical points of Spain and different topics. Submissions with something to tell, stories, ideas, projects, experiences and wishes. But we had to choose, as we promised, is a shame that we couldn’t have them all at the event.

We can’t have all the participants, but we have decided that two of our participant will come to the event, not one as we said at the beginning, but two. We have the possibility to have another idea on our TEDx event.

Well, without any other words, the two fellows that will be part of TEDxPlazaCibeles 2012, are Nuria Perez Paredez and Juan Jimenes Rocabert, congratulations guys!!!

It will be a pleasure to have them on our event and if you want to come and see the on stage, you can register on our web.

Thanks to Arturo Pérez, Sarah Serakalala, David Alayón, Marcos Lopez Chavarri, Angel Miranda and Marcos Eguillor for participate in our initiative and we hope to see you all in the audience, on June, 02nd.




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