Integrating Disabled Persons in our modern society.


My name is Marcos Delgado, I have 39 years old, brother of Gerardo Delgado with cerebral palsy 35 years of age. Throughout my life living with my brother I always wondered what I can do for a better society and so in this way put my grain of sand to a better world. So through sport, which I do live with PASSION I decided then to integrate disabled people to a better society. Our first experiment was to do the Camino de Santiago ( St. James Way ) in a special wheelchair, being the first in the world to this activity in this conditions ( that way is Assented in the Office of the Santiago de Compostela Cathedral ). We decided to do this project to show that our modern society that with PASSION everything can change and we can give another approach to our problems, whatever their complexity are. Throughout our lives we find different adversities, facing them with PASSION can only overcome them, this is our main message we want to convey through our projects. The crisis that we are now living is not only an economic crisis, its origins becomes from a crisis of values and principles of human beings. The fact that a human being has some disability ( motor or psychically ) does not mean that that person does not have hopes and dreams, and that is why we seek through sport the maximum integration of these people into our society. The adapted sport is a major personal and social development in the individual who practices it. On a psychological level, helps to increase self-esteem and facilitates the social integration, to create bonds of friendship and solidarity with the team. So this way it adequate to meet basic needs: physical, emotional and social. When we introduce the PASSION in each task everyday of our lives everything becomes easier and bearable, during the course of the Camino de Santiago, we realized that nothing is impossible if you really want to achieve something, kilometer of walking in the rain, in the sun , through cold and heat, which made us realize that our life is also a long way in which have easy and difficult moments, which is why we can transform with PASSION our problems into opportunities.

We invite you to visit our video at the following address: in which you can get an idea of what we are trying to explain. Our message has been very receptive and prove of it are the radio interviews, magazines and television that we have done.

We hope that our little grain of sand is valued positively and that way be able to transmit thatwe can get a RE-START WITH PASSION.

Marcos Delgado Ramirez.


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