What is an interpreter and why do I need one?

Proposal by Aida González del Álamo
Conference interpreter


– Is this an interpreter?


Not really, but we wish we had her paycheck.

– Is this an interpreter?


No, this is St. Jerome, he was a translator, working at home (he didn´t have a PC, but you get the idea)

– Is this an interpreter?


 Of course not, but sometimes we have to work in tiny booths that look a lot like these boxes.


Usually when you buy a piece of furniture from a place like Ikea, there is a paper with instructions inside the box. Now, let´s be honest, how many clients actually read the instructions before trying their best without them?

They usually ignore the instructions and start putting together the pieces their own way, even if the resulting shelf ends up being a little bit more artistic that expected:


When you hire an interpreter, you are hiring a professional that can and will help you communicate your message to your new boss, potential foreign clients, investors, future partners or new markets. Interpreting is something more than knowing the words in two or three different languages.

We live in the age of information but a lot of people do not fully understand what an interpreter is and how to work with one. So, please, bear with me and let me explain to you how useful we can be if you just take 5 minutes to listen to the reasons why working with your interpreter can be a good investment.


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2 Respuestas a “What is an interpreter and why do I need one?

  1. Antonio

    Deinitivamente, ¡Ponga un intérprete en su vida!, y ¡Felicidades por tu próximo cumple!


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