The Natural State of Being

Thoughts about how to be a happier, more productive person in a happier, more productive world.

Monica Vazquez

This is what I’ve learned so far: making plans doesn’t work. I know this because I’ve been making plans for the last 26 years, for nothing.

I’m one of those kids that were born when mankind understood the world, or so they thought at the moment, and could anticipate what was going to become of it, and make plans.

Time was kind, and men could bend it, and dispose of it however they wanted to, designing long term projects that could gain them a golden ticked to a place called “future”.

The Future was a magical land where everything was wonderful, and all the past and present suffering made sense.

I was born in a world that doesn’t exist anymore. Some people call it “crisis”. I call it “The Natural State of Being”.

Everything that exists is in constant and unstoppable change. You’re not the same person that started watching this video, and you will not be the same person tomorrow when you wake up.

Everything changes in the blink of an eye.

So why make plans for a future that might never exist? Why waste our energy, hopes and dreams on a version of ourselves and the world that will not be there tomorrow? I know we’ve been raised to do so, but we can change our mindset, and start focusing on today, and make the best of it! Let’s be our best selves right now and enjoy who we are and where we are now. The only thing we really have is the moment we breathe in and breathe out.

Let’s not postpone life. Let’s make stuff happen right now.


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