Why not teaching kids emotional intelligence and entrepreneurship at schools?

What to expect from this presentation?
We´ll end up talking about kids and education, but let´s first start with a simple deduction

What are important things for success in life?
When we are adults we realize quite clearly that success is a consequence of quite simple things we should better apply in our personal and professional lives

In your personal life

Do you consider important for happiness to be surrounded by the ones you like? So your ability to establish and maintain relations must be relevant.

What about making those people feel good? People will remember you not for what you said, not even for what you did, but mostly for how you made them feel

How do you feel about the importance of optimism, your perseverance and resilience, your determination or your strength to come back from failures, …?

Have you relied on your outstanding competences, your “black box” kind of knowledge or maybe on things such as:

•How is your relation with your boss, your jobmates, your employees or customers?
•Your autonomy to find solutions, your ability to innovate and being creative,
•Your leadership to inspire others
•Your capacity to deal with pressure …


If we all agree these are the kind of things that really make a difference in life, why are not we teaching them to kids when they can really take advantage of them?

Our proposal

In InspiraKIDS we have developed a fun and inspiring learning program for kids between 10 and 14 years old that we call El Método Oreoh, an acronym of

• Optimism towards life ,
• The importance of Relations,
• Effort as the key to unlocking your potential
• Searching Other ways or different approaches to find solutions, such as developing your creativity, innovation and entrepeneurial attitude
• Hobbies to develop our passions

Por Pablo Muzás Ergüín


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