And a new world and a new you will have the opportunity to be born.

The 25th of January 2001 at 3 pm I received a phone call from my wife.

It was Thursday.

She was 9 months pregnant.
She told me to go home as soon as possible because she had broken waters.
We wanted to have the baby at home with the help of a woman that was specialist.

I called that woman. She didn’t answered.

I called again. Nothing.

We were both, my wife and I, there, at home, with no help and a baby wanting to live.

I decided to do my best and rely in Life.

The head appeared very easily.

Then I wanted to pull. But something told me to wait.

Actually, my wife told me to wait.

In the next contraction like a wet fish, the baby was safely born.

Our daughter came into being.

Now she is a nice and happy 12 years old girl, and she is the third of our five kids.

I think a new world is being born now.

We have the opportunity of being aware of it and be actors of this process.

This new world is bringing us the interconnection of all human beings.

But is also shaking many industries, traditional business, governments, organizations, and individuals.

We have two powerful tools to face this changes: imagination and courage.

Now that many things are falling, we may see it as an opportunity to dream anew our best imagined futures and desires.

And then with this inspirations in mind, we can dare, knowing than more than ever before, the call might be heard by thousands or millions.

So I invite you to be part of this new world, design your best dreams, follow your true vocations, and try it with confidence.

It is always better than being stuck or afraid.

And a new world and a new you will have the opportunity to be born.

Albert Ventura


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