Rock n’ Roll

Rock n’ Roll

The distress we experience in response to loss leaves us without a ground to stand on, in a completely different place. Far from the place we were used to.

Is that a good thing or a bad thing?

Whatever the nature or scale of our sudden change is, we are left out of game. The game we were used to play, happily or not.

First thing that happens is that we need to talk about it and express our feelings.

If we are lucky our friends will drop things like:

Be creative. Move fast. Think outside de box.

If we are not, besides our emotional storm we’ll have to bear the wise words of a friend telling us that

He/She knew things were not going all right.

Both are useless.

When a crisis hits us we have feelings in all directions. We don’t know where to head. We don’t know what we want. We feel weak. We feel sad. We feel stupid.

We start considering all those things we could have done to avoid it.

But the truth is that crisis is there for a reason.

Nobody I’ve known so far ever welcomed a crisis but it is not the kind of guest that knocks before opening. And if it’s already in and won’t leave let’s accept it. Breathe and accept to find our way out. This means understanding and learning about our power limits. Breath because we cannot control everything and things will not always go as we feel is best. Once we are ready to accept the situation is unchangeable we can breathe again.

Breathe and reconnect with our values and strengths. This simple step is already an opportunity to develop our mindfulness skills. Being aware of who we are or what we have always helps to know what we can do or how we can respond.

Breathe and let go. If we don’t say goodbye to the reasons, the unknown reasons, the people, the circumstances and any detail related to how crisis’s managed to get into our life we can’t make room for stimulating new experiences. Me must let go our thoughts. Things will never be the same and that’s sad, even if we can only do better now.

Breathe and open our minds. Infinite possibilities are there for us to explore if we ignore the ego’s tears. For our ego will cry whenever reality does not conform to our expectations because our identity is questioned. Opening our minds is about a spiritual journey from a secure place to an unknown one. We must breathe and roll with changes.

ReSTART by JJ Richards


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22 Respuestas a “Rock n’ Roll

  1. Ana Zebel

    Yes! It´s all about breathing out, letting go and rocking the boat!! Just what I needed today!

  2. Sofia Mason

    I wish I could breathe every time I need to. Although I think: ¨Breathe, Sofía breathe¨ I choke with my feelings even more!

  3. Pirin Gundin

    100% de acuerdo! hay que estar en el momento! saludos!!

  4. Marina

    So true!!!! Crisis is an oportunity!!!! let things happen…

  5. #afterthehurricanecomestherainbow

    true! I’d rather ask myself “what for?” than “why?”…

  6. angela

    me encanta.. ❤ .. una reflexión espectacular así deberíamos pensar todos OLEEE

  7. María José

    These are the kind of things you only learn when it has happened to you at least once. However, it is good to have someone reminding you about it… crisis will be the best experience to move your inner self, to not let it settle. Thank you for reminding me again!!!

  8. Antonie

    Casi parecería una casualidad, o por ahí una causalidad.. Casi como si fuese apropósito dejo de buscar el porque, como y de hacerme un montón de preguntas, que en verdad, son efímeras. Dejar fluir la desesperanza y convertirlo en energía que lleva, porque, de ultima, hasta una buena patada en el c te empuja hacia adelante. Excelente.

  9. Lulu Rossi

    Crisis are painful, but also is an opportunity to grow and recognize who you want to be in future.
    Take a deep breath and keep rocking my friends!!
    Thanks JJ for share this.

  10. Thaïs Parra

    Me ha encantado! Estoy muy de acuerdo.. 🙂

  11. Tzun Tzu

    Breathe! Breathe in the air!!!

  12. Coki

    excelente, inspiring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks! **shared**

  13. Johnny B. Good

    The Rock and Roll philosophy means a non-stop attitude, so keep on doing… Adapt, and improvise.

  14. breathe… that’s the point. thank’s god, I have good friends too..
    Nice, very nice my friend!

  15. Kika

    Muy bueno! gracias jj

  16. Tom

    Let us roll, thanks

  17. Jimena Bordes

    …..excelente e inspirador

  18. Tania Noykova

    I like it very much.You can use it as everyday reminder for happier life=


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