New body, new mind

I began a trip 15 years ago, when I was 17. 8th April is my second birthday. I have been given in this market call world.
Reason why? I fractured my 5th&6th vertebras and my 4 limbs remained still in a car crashed. I was paralysed but able to take decissions. Even that nurse that came to rescue me with no collar.

I had to face my biggest challenge ever with a new body that doesn´t work properly and learn how to cope with it, how to live inside it and try to run this race call life to reach the finish line named happiness.

As you can see: New body, new mind

Since then, my life has always been driven by passion and service. My desire for self improvement has given me the strenght to peregrinate 250 kms by bike, ski or dive in Philippines. Helping people gives me the chanced to pleased all cares I had.

My professional career is focus by this way.

The 24/7 service is the key that ads value, provides trust, that let us take it to the next level in the tough times that we currently live. Everything occurs so rapidly, information flies and where in one second you can easily be kicked out of the road.

Challenge is fundamental. It´s the original component. Passion, ilusion, ideas. This is capital for build a gate which anyone has never seen and allows a company avoid the inconveniences. This means self improvement.
Honestly I cannot imagine a future without my customer, without challenges & without passion. We have to stay together, stick together, with their concerns, joys and disappointments, like a wedding: in sickness and in health; from this day forward until death do us part.

I have to face the biggest challenge of new markets. Inneficient markets that don´t work properly and learn to cope with it, how to live inside it and try to run this race call company to reach the finish line named profitability.

As you can see: New market, new mind

My dna is soaked with challenges. What about yours?

Por Jesús Miguel Ortiz Simal


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When RE-Starting is the only option

When RE-Starting is the only option from HanaBi on Vimeo.

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Why not teaching kids emotional intelligence and entrepreneurship at schools?

What to expect from this presentation?
We´ll end up talking about kids and education, but let´s first start with a simple deduction

What are important things for success in life?
When we are adults we realize quite clearly that success is a consequence of quite simple things we should better apply in our personal and professional lives

In your personal life

Do you consider important for happiness to be surrounded by the ones you like? So your ability to establish and maintain relations must be relevant.

What about making those people feel good? People will remember you not for what you said, not even for what you did, but mostly for how you made them feel

How do you feel about the importance of optimism, your perseverance and resilience, your determination or your strength to come back from failures, …?

Have you relied on your outstanding competences, your “black box” kind of knowledge or maybe on things such as:

•How is your relation with your boss, your jobmates, your employees or customers?
•Your autonomy to find solutions, your ability to innovate and being creative,
•Your leadership to inspire others
•Your capacity to deal with pressure …


If we all agree these are the kind of things that really make a difference in life, why are not we teaching them to kids when they can really take advantage of them?

Our proposal

In InspiraKIDS we have developed a fun and inspiring learning program for kids between 10 and 14 years old that we call El Método Oreoh, an acronym of

• Optimism towards life ,
• The importance of Relations,
• Effort as the key to unlocking your potential
• Searching Other ways or different approaches to find solutions, such as developing your creativity, innovation and entrepeneurial attitude
• Hobbies to develop our passions

Por Pablo Muzás Ergüín

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The Natural State of Being

Thoughts about how to be a happier, more productive person in a happier, more productive world.

Monica Vazquez

This is what I’ve learned so far: making plans doesn’t work. I know this because I’ve been making plans for the last 26 years, for nothing.

I’m one of those kids that were born when mankind understood the world, or so they thought at the moment, and could anticipate what was going to become of it, and make plans.

Time was kind, and men could bend it, and dispose of it however they wanted to, designing long term projects that could gain them a golden ticked to a place called “future”.

The Future was a magical land where everything was wonderful, and all the past and present suffering made sense.

I was born in a world that doesn’t exist anymore. Some people call it “crisis”. I call it “The Natural State of Being”.

Everything that exists is in constant and unstoppable change. You’re not the same person that started watching this video, and you will not be the same person tomorrow when you wake up.

Everything changes in the blink of an eye.

So why make plans for a future that might never exist? Why waste our energy, hopes and dreams on a version of ourselves and the world that will not be there tomorrow? I know we’ve been raised to do so, but we can change our mindset, and start focusing on today, and make the best of it! Let’s be our best selves right now and enjoy who we are and where we are now. The only thing we really have is the moment we breathe in and breathe out.

Let’s not postpone life. Let’s make stuff happen right now.

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What is an interpreter and why do I need one?

Proposal by Aida González del Álamo
Conference interpreter


– Is this an interpreter?


Not really, but we wish we had her paycheck.

– Is this an interpreter?


No, this is St. Jerome, he was a translator, working at home (he didn´t have a PC, but you get the idea)

– Is this an interpreter?


 Of course not, but sometimes we have to work in tiny booths that look a lot like these boxes.


Usually when you buy a piece of furniture from a place like Ikea, there is a paper with instructions inside the box. Now, let´s be honest, how many clients actually read the instructions before trying their best without them?

They usually ignore the instructions and start putting together the pieces their own way, even if the resulting shelf ends up being a little bit more artistic that expected:


When you hire an interpreter, you are hiring a professional that can and will help you communicate your message to your new boss, potential foreign clients, investors, future partners or new markets. Interpreting is something more than knowing the words in two or three different languages.

We live in the age of information but a lot of people do not fully understand what an interpreter is and how to work with one. So, please, bear with me and let me explain to you how useful we can be if you just take 5 minutes to listen to the reasons why working with your interpreter can be a good investment.

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